2019 (Ongoing project)

In search of a local brand that relates to Singapore food culture, we discovered Handpicked which curates old foodstuffs, authentic and premium food ingredient for sale and is a secret pantry to preserve Singapore's home-cooked culinary heritage.

Handpicked found by Karen Nah in 2017, offering the ordinary consumers the opportunity to cook with the best ingredients similar to that of restaurants and eateries and also, provide the accessibility to the most common of the Asian dietary staples, noodles.


Handpicked is a local noodle manufacturer of their own. They work very closely with a local flour merchant who provides them with special concocted flour blends which they use in the manufacturing of their noodles. Through them, They are able to control the texture, colour shade, gluten level etc. of their flour. They also use pasteurised whole eggs from a local farmer. Hence, every ingredient used in noodle-making are 100% localised. Handpicked is a small local brand that currently sells its products online. Purchased products will be delivered directly to the customer’s home and ready to cook.

Life Chiropractic Centre


“Life” is run by one of the best chiropractic doctors in the nation of Singapore, marked by his passion for helping people improve their posture and relieving any discomforts. Click here to check out his site. This project handled rebranding of logo, corporate stationery and then promotion work.

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