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Haji Lane Zine


We felt that kampong glam is a place full of Colourful streets, culture, arts and dining experiences.


(openly present their products and services; some even have benches placed outside)

There is alot of Independent unique shops (good mix of local culture and international cuisines. Swedish - fika, malay, arab, lebanese, indian, japanese, western - pancakes, deserts)

Marketing Collateral for Bar Stories

The concept of the store is intentionally meant to have no menu. Over time, customers may forget what they have ventured. Thus, Bar Stories Log Book is introduced as a keepsake. (like a souvenir) It is basically a small item kept in memory of the personalised cocktail.  


For regular customers, they can recollect their drink experience or begin a new one.

As for tourists, they can bring it home as a souvenir.

We are proposing an A6 sized waiter pad and a small cardboard tube that is portable for customers to bring home or keep in store.

Firstly, how this works is

customers are encouraged to register a personalised diary if they want to have a memorable experience with their drink.

The waiter will craft an ideal cocktail and record the details on the waiter pad while the customers are describing the drink they want to have now.

After serving the drink to the customer, the waiter will roll their order taken from the waiter pad and slot it into the cardboard tube.

And lastly, customers are given a choice to take it back or keep it there.

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