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Complete painting on Ipad cover

What inspired this project is the artist, creators that paints on bags. So i thought why so make something i own into art. This piece is made with acrylic paint and sealed with a varnish (Daler Rowney Acrylic mediums). Select an item that you would like to personalise and get started!

So here is the entire process in some quick snaps. The before on the bottom left and the after bottom right. This took me 2 hours to complete. Overall a very fun activity for the weekend.

I don't usually have a habit to note the method to my methods. i will try to make this more detailed if need be in the future. Some basic colours was out of the tube. The purple i had to blend it abit more since it was a dark royal purple and i wanted something more pastel. There was a little bit of blending of the other colours to make it all look cohesive. The white paint just brought it all together. You can see now that there is this nice movement throughout the painting.

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