Design thinking - 2019

Our research took place in the search for a small space. Pick a business to interact with and understand its unique quality. This would help us later to design marketing collaterals for the brand.


About the space we chose, BarStoires, established at Haji lane for 10 years, that serves bespoke cocktail beverage who are known for their no menu concept. Mixologists listen closely to the taste preferences of the customers and create a drink best suited for them. A selection of seasonal fresh fruits and herbs could be added if it suited your drink. Every cocktail served is different and it becomes a unique experience.

Nurses Day

Design thinking - 2018

Caregivers: mainly nurses.

Conducted interviews, cluster information to derive at a solution.

Nurses Day not just a day to be celebrated internally but awareness made to the public and hopefully better appreciation to the hardworking nurses.


Observation method was conducted through video and replayed to take down notes more efficiently. The first problem observed is that the lid sealed to the cup would not stay closed while the noodles cooked. As such would require a weight of some sort to cover over the lid. The second problem observed is the cup would be too hot to hold immediately after you add hot water as the cup as it is made of thin plastic. You will risk dropping and scalding yourself. Finding other ways to balance the cup precariously would risk the user’s safety.


The consumers being targeted are adults in working age, between their twenties and their fourties, located in the Central Business District. Their behavioural can be best described as



The demographics on Nissin cup noodles show the consumers are mostly Asian males below the age of 24 who earn less than $20k and have not completed their college education. The

number of people who consume instant noodles drops significantly as they earn more than $40k. A factor to include is the demographic of people who have kids would eat instant noodles than those without.


From what we can tell from the demographic. It is highly likely the most numbers of instant noodles are consumed in Asia. Which means the countries like India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia. Each country has a specific taste and preference in their cup noodles.


A brief look at the cost price of a cup of Nissin Tom Yam Seafood Flavour Cup Noodles, you would notice that it retails for $1.50. You had to buy a meal from a vendor, you could never find anything decent for less than $3.00. From the demographic, we know that most asian eat instant noodles mostly because it's an asian cuisine. When compared by income segmentation we would notice that there is wider difference possibly due to socioeconomic

status. The measure of information through informants opinions, religious beliefs, personality traits and lifestyle. One such perception that has stuck to most consumers is that is ugly and cheap. Most would not consume it unless there isn’t other options.


The perceived benefits for the user to have a cup of noodles would be its convenience and supposed ease to prepare. This will also help to inform us about the usage rate and patterns.

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